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Out of the box solutions in Communications, Analysis, and Hands-on.

Meet Our Expert

PR and Communication

With many years of development in PR and Communications in different countries in Europe, she decided to make a turn and fully dedicate herself to her first love: the well-being of beauty.

Trained and certified beautician from European and North American schooling

She is a trained and certified beautician from European and North American schooling and learned the great wonders of Japanese bathing and relaxation. She became an all-round professional in everything relating to Spa and Beauty.

Spa manager and Team Leader

As a Spa manager of a highly regarded leisure club with multiple locations under her supervision, she devoted her time to make her team grow and offer an excellent customer experience. Not only she is a proven manager and leader she has also worked on the vendor side which is a great added value. She is a no-nonsense do it yourself type of individual who enjoys healthy discussions and values the contribution of each member of the team.

Retail Shop Manager

As a retail shop manager, she built on the core strengths of a famous cosmetic franchise business to appeal to the basic needs of many women for natural high-quality products that can be used in everyday life, maximizing revenue along the way.

Training and Events

As a hands-on beautician, she kept her technique up-to-date, never shying away from adopting new ways that help her to refine the customer treatment and well-being. This gave her the passion to transmit these learnings to other members of the spa community, working as a trainer for a skincare beauty brand. She kept on developing her passion for the spa and beauty industry by co-promoting events for several spas and make-up businesses. This opened up new ways of interacting with the customer base and support the development of each entrepreneur.


Born and raised in France and having a wealth of international experience in working across several regions of the globe, she is constantly in pursuit of innovation and enjoys being exposed to many different cultures. This has helped her gain a holistic perspective on spa and beauty experiences.

Spa & Wellness Consultant

In 2013 she started to work as a Spa consultant and in 2018 she founded GlobalSpaTouch. She offers a wide variety of expertise to help you grow your business. She is a good listener, has been in your shoes and is able to find solutions that suits your business and your values. She is a great support, a loyal right hand and never loose the big picture.

After Brussels, Amsterdam, Toronto, Tokyo and Paris , She arrived in Italy in January 2019 at the time of the challenging Covid19 pandemia.  As many she moved part of her business online to offer trainings and webinars for her clients. .She quickly understood that beauty was shifting and that consumers were looking for  more authenticity, inclusivity, safety, dialog and support.  Thanks to her flexibility, creativity and passion for the industry, she started a new adventure locally and added a new chapter to her business. She now organises outdoor beauty workshops and wellness events for end consumers to empower women in their pursuit for self-care. It turns out to be a great success and she is now rolling this  concept  out to many indoor and outdoor locations turning everything she touches in pure wellness. Finally GlobalSpaTouch is a place where B2B meets B2C in full harmony.

Why Choose Global Spa Touch?


Are you a hotel or resort spa, a day spa, a wellness center, a corporate wellness center or a spa brand supplier?

Running a business is not easy and running a spa is no exception.


A global approach thanks to a comprehensive understanding of all levels of the wellness and beauty industry and an international business experience combined with an expertise in communications will make sure to take your business get to the next level.


Thanks to a long experience in spas (day spas, club spas, hotel spas) and with spa professionals (beauticians, spa owners, spa managers, spa brands, vendors, franchise business owners), Global Spa Touch speaks your language, a prerogative for a successful collaboration.


A touch of many cultural, social, environmental and ethical influences is part of Global Spa Touch DNA and this is the future of the spa world. Global Spa Touch will improve your operations and help you capitalize on the various needs of a growing diverse and savvy clientele.

If you realize you don’t have time to answer these questions and many more, if it resonates with you or if you feel overwhelmed Global Spa Touch can help you.

You don’t need to wear different hats if you don’t have the time, the skills or the passion.

Global Spa Touch will do operational assessments, prescribe new and creative ideas, implement solutions for you and monitor the progress so that you remain focused and happy.

What our clients say.

Stéphan pointed out exciting ways in which we could work together and take my business to the next level. We planned events, offers, and client relation strategies. Stéphan is energetic, honest and appropriate. She never made me feel pressured or uncomfortable, she completely understood and lived the Skin Wellness philosophy and the collaborations went smooth and successfully. She was a source of ideas and an accountability partner.

She had the strengths I lacked (like business skills, marketing, boosting sales, product displaying, and a fresh point of view) as my focus and passion have always been clients and treatments, but the business aspect is as important as the client experience. Thankfully she taught me a lot how to improve this part of my business.

Maria Roche

Spa owner, Skinwellness Day
Toronto, Canada

I have been working with Stéphan for over a year now and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a detailed oriented and conscientious individual. She is extremely knowledgeable in spa management and a great aesthetician. Her European background and training are highly sought after. Stéphan is very precise in all she does and takes great pride in her work.

Ron Frank

Importer, Dr Baumann, Toronto, Canada

Stéphan is professional, well organized and efficient. She combines vision with practical management skills and has an excellent knowledge of the Spa industry. I would highly recommend her spa expertise.

Susan Morris

Former Aspira Director, Aspira CLUBSPA,
Brussels, Belgium

Stéphan is a terrific coach! She was attentive to the needs of each women-owned business trying to market their shea -based cosmetic products into Europe and North America, providing in-depth analysis, tailored advice and relevant market information during her sessions. She provided 3 webinars: -fundamentals of marketing, developing a beauty brand and developing your market strategy and coached 20 women entrepreneurs successfully.”

Terfe Ashwe

Development expert / international trade/ inclusivity

I required the services of GlobalSpaTouch during two years to help me develop the cosmetic brand Sodashi in the Asian market. Thanks to her international and all-round profile, she managed to react quickly and efficiently to the commercial and technical issues. Her in-depth knowledge of the spa manager and aesthetician jobs have contributed to the success of her missions as a trainer (for products and treatment protocols) in 5 star spas in Japan and Korea. Thanks to her out of the box solutions and her great analytical skills, she managed to overcome all issues. Her passion for the beauty and wellness industry and her interpersonal skills made the difference. It was a pleasure to work with her!

• Dominique Marcel-Huet

Founder and owner of CLEDASIE Japan