Let me share with you one of my first experience with beauty in Japan. At my arrival in August 2017 my first goal was to find a gym to make sure I would stay in shape. I will spare you the details of my “lost in translation” struggle  in finding one. But once I had found one I went through my first cultural beauty shock.

Just imagine a changing room (taking picture is not allowed!) with lockers and booths with mirrors, beauty necessaries and amenities. Imagine a dozen of Japanese ladies in underwear sitting on stools in front of the mirror getting ready with … sheet masks on their face.

I had heard of sheet masks before but had never experienced it that way. I started to gather more info on sheet masks. Yes it’s definitely part of the Japanese skin care routine but it’s getting momentum in the West too. This summer I loved the Mask Bar of Le Bon Marché in Paris.

You have the choice between a ready-to-use sheet mask or a home made one. I tend to prefer the second option. That way I know exactly the active ingredients in it. “It’s as easy as wetting a cotton pad with water, pouring a quarter size amount of lotion on it and putting it on your face for 3 min” *

Personally I don’t bother with cotton pad but use compressed face mask. I damp it with my amazing lotion filled with hyaluronic acid. I simply love it. Thank you lovely Japanese ladies for introducing me to this efficient and relaxing skin care ritual!

When I returned back home this summer and visited my friends in Paris I couldn’t help but offering them Kabuki sheet masks. Have you ever heard about it? Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama in which actors wear impressive make-up.  We had so much fun. Those masks allow you to enjoy Kabuki make-up expressions as well as taking a skin care treatment. It’s the perfect gift from Japan mixing culture and beauty.

I hope you enjoyed reading those lines and that you’re still following me. Because here is my idea for your spa. Why don’t you brand your own sheet mask. Put your logo on the packaging, choose a great name for it and choose the active ingredients thanks to your expertise. Or even better, find a supplier able to print your own design on the mask like the kabuki mask above.

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Source: *The Japanese Skincare revolution Chizu Saeki