Back to school! Back to work!

Now early September, I’d like to use this analogy between beauty salon owners or Spa Managers and pupils. You follow me? Not convinced? Please read those few lines and we’ll speak again.


Do you think you work with the right products?      Yes/No
Do you think you are offering all the products your clientele is looking for?        Yes/No
Are you satisfied with your product and treatment sales?       Yes/No                   

If you answered “no” to one of those questions it might be time to reconsider the way you work with the brand(s) you have chosen.


How do you choose the cosmetic brand(s) to work with?

Each year it’s the same story regarding the school bag and the school supplies to choose for our children.

For you, aestheticians and spa managers, it’s also the perfect timing to find out whether you work with the right tools to run your business. Your main supply being the cosmetic product range you have chosen.

Many articles on the web will tell you to take into account:

Take the time to read all this information but most and for all ask yourself this simple question: What is the brand for?

The purpose of the brand :

You already understand that a brand without You is nothing. It’s not a magic wand, it’s not everything!

It’s a tool and because in many countries it’s back to school time let say it’s part of your supplies. And you will agree with me that you can’t judge a book by its cover.
The brand and You it’s a team work.
Everyone has its own role and together it needs to be in harmony but You are the core.



My conclusion in all those years working with many professional brands and many aestheticians and spa managers is that success lies in COMMUNICATION

A good communication requires:

  • Product knowledge
  • Customer understanding
  • Customer relations


A good aesthetician or a good manager doesn’t make necessarily a good communicator and they are many ways to improve yourself and your staff.

Here is how ?
Your tool box

Product knowledge

  • Attend trainings on a regular basis to learn new things or refresh your knowledge
  • Organize brainstorming meeting on products with your team. Choose a specific product and go through all aspects (benefits, strength/weaknesses, competition, usage, your personal experience)


Customer understanding

  • Customer file
  • Consultation Skin analysis
  • Questionnaire / customer satisfaction survey


Customer Relations

  • Verbal (welcome at reception, introduction, treatment explanation, selfcare and product advice, wellness tips, videos)
  • Written (menu, newsletter, posts on social media…)


I like to refer to this analogy of the pupil. A pupil with a good self-confidence will learn easier and will succeed in life. But teachers need to listen to him, emphasize his/her strength and support him/her in his/her development to achieve this state.
It’s the same for your business. If you listen to your staff and their needs and that you support their development, you will see their performances growing. For your guests, if you know how to communicate how they want to, with their specific language and by giving them good advice they will become loyal and will recommend to others.
Aestheticians or spa managers don’t necessarily master those skills.
Communication is definitely a skill you need to work on.

It might be time to delegate. You will save time and increase efficiency.


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