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For Spa Businesses

Stéphan is a Business Coach and Consultant. She founded GlobalSpaTouch with the mission to grow spa businesses in harmony.

She offers out of the box solutions in communications, business analysis and hands-on support.

Communication for growth

Whether you want:

  • to grow your clientele and improve client retention
  • to connect with your community
  • to develop strong partnerships
  • to gain more visibility
  • to market your spa and your brand
  • to reduce stress on the work floor and increase productivity

It all comes to one thing:

Communications with a global view.

Business Process and industry Analysis

Whether you want

  • to manage your inventory
  • to increase your retail sales
  • to know where you stand
  • to maximize your service revenue
  • to get your business to the next level
  • to increase your profit

You would need to review your strategy.

It all comes to one thing

Managing your data and having clear processes.

Hands on approach

Whether you want:

  • to be more reactive in the case of crisis
  • to empower your staff
  • to improve customer service
  • to start a new business
  • to be more flexible
  • to support a junior spa manager

It all comes to one thing

Motivated staff with the right mindset thanks to operational on-site support.

If you’d like to find out more about our services for Spas.

Stéphan’s expertise has been crucial to the success of the launch of Dr Baumann Skinident cosmetic products onto the French market. Thanks to her creativity, her flexibility and her profound knowledge of the expectations of beauty professionals, Stéphan has been able to very quickly develop treatment protocols and online trainings. She engaged with our clients online to teach and explain the merits of the brand for B to B purposes in a very practical and pedagogical way. She is sharp and has a critical mind. Stéphan is passionate about wellness and beauty. As well as keeping up with the latest skin care trends, she remains loyal to the brand. I continue to heed her advice as much as possible and I can undeniably recommend her expertise in marketing and consulting.’’

Frédéric Letellier – CEO Skinident France

Stéphan is a terrific coach! She was attentive to the needs of each women-owned business trying to market their shea -based cosmetic products into Europe and North America, providing in-depth analysis, tailored advice and relevant market information during her sessions. She provided 3 webinars: -fundamentals of marketing, developing a beauty brand and developing your market strategy and coached 20 women entrepreneurs successfully.’’

Terfe Ashwe – Development expert / international trade/ inclusivity

I required the services of GlobalSpaTouch during two years to help me develop the cosmetic brand Sodashi in the Asian market. Thanks to her international and all-round profile, she managed to react quickly and efficiently to the commercial and technical issues. Her in-depth knowledge of the spa manager and aesthetician jobs have contributed to the success of her missions as a trainer (for products and treatment protocols) in 5 star spas in Japan and Korea. Thanks to her out of the box solutions and her great analytical skills, she managed to overcome all issues. Her passion for the beauty and wellness industry and her interpersonal skills made the difference. It was a pleasure to work with her!’’

Dominique Marcel – Huet Founder and owner of CLEDASIE Japan

From the moment I was introduced to Stéphan Boerhof I knew she was special! Stéphan is a rare gem – not only is she an outstanding trainer for Sodashi, Stephan is kind, caring, diligent and a true professional.’’

Megan Larsen – Founder of Sodashi and author of Startups andf Selfcare

I highly recommend Stéphan’s beauty workshop. My daughter and I loved it! Stéphan is very knowledgeable.’’


Stéphan is amazing. Really knowledgeable and carries high. Quality skin care products.’’


So enjoyed your workshop! Thank you!’’


I highly recommend Stéphan. She is such an expert and has very good products.’’


On a glorious early summer afternoon, under the porch of her wonderful countryside house, Stephan gifted me with a one-of-a-kind experience.
Six women gathered around a big wooden table, each with a space for her own and a “working set/kit”. The atmosphere had an Eastern taste to it, starting with the hand cleaning with towels soaked in warm water and essential oils (from Japan?). Stéphan poured some fresh herbal tea and, with her gentle and professional ways, explained to us how to take care of our skin and, particularly, of our face. We got the chance to try the most adequate kind of cleansing and cream for our skin type, also considering our habits.
A pleasant pampering moment that I enthusiastically continued telling my friends about for days!’’

Simona Mussini

The session with Stéphan turned out to be a 360° relaxing moment. Starting from the place where I was welcomed, which gave me a serene and warm feeling.
Stéphan is exceptionally well-trained and capable of understanding your skin and needs just by looking at you, proposing high-quality products within different price ranges, which I’ve found to be perfect for me.’’

Manola Fiorentini

My experience with Stéphan was very positive, and I’ve learned so much from her as a consultant to take care of my skin health.
Having dark skin, it’s difficult for me to find adequate products and professionals capable of meeting my needs and satisfying my curiosity. Stéphan’s ability surprised me and comforted me at the same time.
Her workshops provide lots of information, are well organized and structured, guided by the calmness and peacefulness that are Stéphan’s hallmarks. Rest assured that all questions and doubts will be answered if you choose her as your consultant. She loves her work and shows true love towards her clients each day.’’


I’ve been Stephan’s client since June 2021. With professionalism and kindness, she recommended the right products for my skincare.
Compared to beauty centres or salons that I had been to in the past, Stéphan’s great value comes with how easy it is to apply the products and the straightforward visible proof of how good they are, which brings benefits both economically and in terms of autonomy.’’

I’ve had the chance of seeing Stéphan in action during her workshops, and what she does is wonderful. From her ability to make any setting extremely warm and welcoming, with special touches like pouring herbal tea and providing all the participants with carefully placed kits for their exclusive use, to the gentle attitude with which she approaches her clients and the professionalism of her recommendations. She works with high-quality products and makes sure each of her clients gets personalized recommendations. The result is a relaxing experience for all five senses that also provides each participant with tailored advice regarding the most adequate skincare routines and products. Highly recommended!’’


For Spa Goers

Stéphan also shares her all-round expertise directly with end consumers in a progressive approach.

She organizes beauty and wellness events in amazing, authentic, relaxing and intimate locations. She empowers women to take care of themselves and to become aware that with the right information, the right tips, the right products and a lot of “me time” they can achieve a lot by themselves. It’s an active, positive and mindful way to be beUtiful and work on your well-being.

Stéphan has her own way to share her skin care and cosmetic product knowledge, which is impactful, accessible for all and pleasant. Her approach goes beyond beauty. She seeks to combine skin care with other fields to ensure mind and body are taken care of as she believes in a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

Outdoor and indoor beauty events

Empower yourself with beauty
An amazing experience to unwind and to learn how to take care of your skin.

  • A unique opportunity to do it yourself with the support of a skin care expert.
  • An interactive group session in your pursuit for “self-care” and to boost your confidence.
  • Learn how to highlight your personal beauty, how and when to use products, how to perform the right gestures and how and why to massage your skin.
  • Learn how to adjust the beauty routine to your lifestyle, goals and budget.
  • Test various products and choose the right ones for you.

The Boudoir

An intimate experience
Stéphan welcomes you in her boudoir to discuss about your skin.

  • A cozy and intimate place to talk about beauty and wellness in a global perspective.
  • Expert skin advice.
  • Skincare prescription.
  • Join the community.

Wellness activities

A holistic approach to beauty
GlobalSpaTouch offers outdoor and indoor Pilates and Yoga classes.

  • Yoga classes.
  • Pilates classes.

If you’d like to find out more, go to our Spa Goers page