Global Spa Touch

Salon Spa Business Coach and Consultant

Communication for growth

Whether you want:

  • to grow your clientele and improve client retention
  • to connect with your community
  • to develop strong partnerships
  • to gain more visibility
  • to market your spa and your brand
  • to reduce stress on the work floor and increase their productivity

It all comes to one thing

Communications with a global view.

Business Process and industry Analysis

Whether you want

  • to manage your inventory
  • to increase your retail sales
  • to know where you stand
  • to maximize your service revenue
  • to get your business to the next level
  • to increase your profit

You would need to review your strategy.

It all comes to one thing

Managing your data and having clear processes.


Hands on approach

Whether you want:

  • to be more reactive in the case of organizational changes
  • to empower your staff
  • to improve customer service
  • to start a new business
  • to be more reactive in case of organizational changes
  • to be more flexible
  • to support a junior spa manager

It all comes to one thing

 Motivated staff with the right mindset thanks to operational on-site support.

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